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Is Eternals 2 on the Way? Here’s What We Know

Please, please let it be the case.

Ikaris and Sersi share an embrace in Marvel's Eternals.

Eternals is one of the most interesting Marvel films we’ve seen out of the MCU yet. Directed by Chloé Zhao, the film brings to the forefront the immensely powerful Eternals from Marvel’s comics, 10 beings who guide humanity and protect them from the powerful, world-destroying Deviants.

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Eternals was certainly a gamble for Disney and Marvel. Zhao’s film, designed as a superhero epic with a historical and mythological backdrop, took the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a rich, ambitious direction hailed for its diverse cast. Nonetheless, critics were torn on the film when it premiered in late 2021, even though audiences were generally far more receptive to its take on the Jack Kirby ensemble.

Given Zhao’s MCU film scored a mixed reaction and relatively muted box office turnout for a Marvel flick, it’s worth wondering whether Eternals 2 is in the works. Luckily, we have some info to tease out whether a second movie is on the way.

Will there be an Eternals 2?

Ajak from Eternals stares at the viewer.

So far, there is conflicting information on whether there will be a sequel. According to voice actor Patton Oswalt, who appeared in the original film as Pip the Troll, it’s on the way.

During an Aug. 3 interview on the Today Show, Oswalt said Zhao would return for an Eternals sequel, and that his character could appear as well.

“They have announced there’s gonna be an Eternals sequel. Chloé Zhao is going to direct it,” Oswalt said. “So hopefully, there will be more adventures of Starfox and Pip,”


Pip the Troll, aka Patton Oswalt was here to talk about #TheEternals and filming with HarryStyles. #todayshow #3rdhourtoday

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However, Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Kingo in Eternals, has said that Oswalt might not have had correct information.

“I have no idea,” Nanjiani said on the Bingeworthy Podcast. “I don’t think Patton was right. I think that there was a hoax website – one of those where it’s like one letter off from the real one. They tweeted it, and it spread around and I think that’s what Patton saw. I honestly don’t know anything.

“I would love for Kingo to come back. I love playing that character…That one’s very fun to play, you’re just in a good mood. You do finger guns, you’re like a movie star – what’s not to love? You’re just in a good mood the entire time. I shot that movie for five months and I think I smiled straight for five months, so I would love to come back and I love what the MCU is doing now. I just saw Black Panther 2 and I was really, really blown away. So, I’d love to come back, but I genuinely have no idea if or when.”

Eternals in and of itself was created as a standalone film, granting us more information on the immensely powerful Celestials across a high-stake fight for humanity’s future. No need to watch the entire MCU saga to enjoy the film; as producer Nate Moore told the Toronto Sun in October 2021, “If you just watch Eternals, you can enjoy Eternals, you can understand Eternals and you’re good to go.”

At first, some MCU fans figured Eternals was a one-and-done deal. In Moore’s October interview, he stressed that Eternals 2 is “not something that is a must-have.” Many took the producer at his word.

“Obviously, we have ideas of where we could go,” Moore said that October, “but there isn’t a hard and fast rule where we have to have three of these things and this is the first.”

On the other hand, MCU fans had plenty of reason to believe the Eternals would come back for a second film. Between Harry Styles’ post-credits segment and the film’s closing line “the Eternals will return,” there was no doubt these mythologically-inspired superheroes were here to stay. And if circumstantial evidence wasn’t enough proof, Sersi’s Gemma Chan outright stated that she would continue to appear as her film’s character in the MCU. Sure, Disney could have just added the Eternals into additional Phase Four projects. But Eternals 2 just made way too much sense, right?

Well, thanks to Oswalt, we know now that Eternals 2 is on the way—maybe. As for a release date, that’s another story altogether.

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