Stomping Out Crime with Iron Man Sneakers

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It didn’t seem possible, but they found a way to make light-up shoes cool for people over 12 years old. The shoe revampers over at Diversitile have made several upgrades to the traditional Nike model and will soon help turn your feet into crime-fighting machines, complete with functioning arc reactors (and by functioning, I mean glowing). But with something like this, you know they’ll be limited edition, so follow along at Diversitile vigilantly and take swift action. Just how Iron Man would.

They may not SHIELD (see what I did there?) your feet any more than a regular shoe, but when people see these bad boys on you, they’ll know who they’re dealing with. See below for a closer look at the shiny reactor tongue and the alternate color scheme that probably won’t sell a single pair until the colorful batch runs out.

For reference, the original shoes come from this series.

(Via Diversitile via CustomSnkr via Kotaku via Gizmodo)

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