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Team Uses a Giant Fan, a WiiMote, and a Harness to Make a Guy Fly Like Iron Man

As Iron Man 2 blazed onto movie screens a few weeks ago, one of the foremost thoughts in audience member’s heads was probably “Man, I wish I could fly like Iron Man!” (the other biggest thoughts were “Man, this movie needs less subplots!” and “Man, Scarlett Johansson should never wear anything that isn’t a leather catsuit!”) Well, the team at Feng-GUI has answered our prayers and found a safe way to turn a regular guy into Iron Man. You don’t even need to stick a dangerous ARC-Reactor in your chest cavity to do it!

Feng-GUI set out to “simulate the Iron Man experience” and they were wildly successful. Using a crane and a hang-glider harness to hold their Tony Stark-in-training up, they then fastened a WiiMote to him, fitted him with some VR goggles, and let rip with a giant fan to simulate the wind. Check out the video below to see the contraption in action and prepare to be very, very jealous of the lucky few who got to try it out.

(via Never Know Tech, Reddit)

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