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New Iron Man 2 Footage: Whiplash Aftermath

MSN has debuted a behind the scenes feature of sorts on the Monaco race scene that we’ve seen featured in the Iron Man 2 trailer.  The majority of it is typical actors in folding-chairs saying that the movie’s going to be awesome, and some pre-special effects shots of cars blowing up and getting shoved around.  Scarlett Johansson rather endearingly uses the phrase “off the hook.” We’ll take Mickey Rourke‘s word for it though.  I mean.  He’s Mickey Rourke.

However, at the one minute mark, a clip is shown of never previously released footage, showing the aftermath of Whiplash‘s attack.

A spoiler free discussion of whether this clip has spoilers after the jump. 

The dialogue in the new footage is entirely in French (Monaco, remember?).  The clips are intended for a French audience, so it is un-subtitled.  I do not speak French.  So, if you speak French, I can not tell you whether or not there are spoilers in the dialogue.  Sorry.  As an English speaker I did not find this too spoilery.  If you speak French, you might want to hold off.  I can’t be sure.

An addendum: We’re sure there are plenty of people out there who are taking every opportunity to accompany Iron Man 2 posts with Black Widow cheesecake, and so we are going to take every opportunity to post Tony Stark beefcake, in response.  He’s not a keeper, ladies, but that’s not always a bad thing.

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