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It’s a Guy in a Giant iPhone 4 Costume

You just lost Halloween to John Savio, a madcap dreamer whose madcap dream consists of an obscenely huge, (ten-times-to-scale) iPhone 4, which he is wearing as a Halloween costume. Apparently, Savio has been dressing as an iPhone for three years running now, making the costume progressively more realistic and elaborate each time: He’s really nailed it here.

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From the YouTube description:

John created the upgraded rendition of the iPhone 4 featured here at 10x to scale, complete with a 40″ LED LCD Panel, a Jailbroken iPhone 4, VGA out from the iPohone, LED Back Camera Light, weighs roughly 75 lbs and uses a mini 12v Battery with 2+ hours of battery life. The costume took a total of 3 days / 40 hours to complete.

(via DVICE)

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