iPads Outnumber Linux Machines on the Web

A year after the original iPad’s world debut, its presence on the web is already greater than that of all machines running a two-decades-old, thoroughly iterated upon family of operating systems. According to data from web monitoring company Pingdom, in the first 19 days of April, the iPad-only flavor of iOS made up 1.18% of web traffic in the first 19 days of April, versus 0.71% from Linux.

These market share numbers are from Statcounter and are based on visitor statistics averaged from 3+ million websites. In other words, they represent computers used to access the Web. Mobile phones and other small-screen devices are not included.

In other words, the iOS market share you see in the chart is only for iPad. It does not include the iPhone or iPod Touch. We’ve verified this with Statcounter, just to be entirely sure.

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