SNES, N64 Emulation may be Coming to iPad

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If ThinkGeek ever does get around to making that real-life iCade, it looks like you just may have something to do with it (if you don’t mind voiding your iPad warranty and pissing off Nintendo): ZodTTD, the programmer who brought us classic gaming emulators for the iPhone like snes4iphone, psx4iphone, and gameboy4iphone, has unleashed a demo video of an un-jailbroken iPad playing Mario Kart. On Twitter, ZodTTD also posted a picture of an associate playing Super Mario 64 on a jailbroken iPad.

What’s next? Well, once Apple releases iPhone OS 4.0, we could see emulators for the iPad that aren’t just iPhone carryovers, but that attune themselves to the iPad’s own curious biology: According to Engadget’s interview with Zod, “he plans to create new versions of his emulators that run at the iPad’s 1024 x 768 native resolution and support touchscreen controls, hardware keyboards and even external controllers should they come.”

(h/t Wired)

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