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The Company That Owns the “iPad” Name Made iMac Knockoffs

In case you weren’t aware, Apple is currently engaging in a bitter dispute with the Chinese company Proview over who owns the rights to the “iPad” name. Turns out that Proview, which has been semi-defunct for quite some time, produced something called an Internet Personal Access Device or iPAD. It certainly doesn’t look like a tablet computer, but it certainly does look like a cheap iMac knock off.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Proview claims to have spent some $30 million developing the product, making 10,000 to 20,000 units between 1998 and 2009 — hopefully upgrading along the way. The WSJ goes on to note that Proview is far from alive and well, having been pulled from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after declaring bankruptcy in 2010.

While their product seems hilariously outdated, it’s got nothing on this bizarre ad copy:

The iPAD of development constructs on the dream of technology founded human spirit. To make use of advance serial products, perople can explore the infinite imagination of virtual reality. It is the strong leading trend and nobody can resist the charming of iPAD. The effect on iPAD is over-whelming in the human history. The real internet PC life just started and already indispensivle exists in our life.

As stands, the Chinese court has sided with Proview and the iPad has apparently been pulled from sale in the country. For Apple, this could be a major blow toward their efforts to move in on an enormous market, but will likely do wonders for black and grey market electronics dealers, and the makers of Apple knockoffs.

(Wall Street Journal via Engadget)

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