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Introducing the Mary Sue Store!

Dear readers, we’ve got something brand new and exciting for you today: The Mary Sue store.

We’ve long lamented the lack of quality geek attire for people like us, so we’re getting into the game. Whether you want to showcase your geek pride, feminism, or your status as a veteran of braving the internet’s mansplaining hordes, we’ve put together a collection of designs and items dreamed up by your editors.

Shirts are available in a variety of cuts and styles, and there’s even something for your canine companion (and human babies too, if you’ve got those). There’s a lot to choose from over in the store, including mugs, pins, tote bags, and more—and this is just the beginning. We’re planning to add new items and designs on a regular basis, so be sure to let us know what you’d like to see!

And of course, we’d be thrilled if you want to show the world that you’re a member of The Mary Sue community. We’re all freaking out about these:

Happy shopping!

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