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INTERVIEW: We Spoke With Some of the Contestants of ‘The Traitors’

Actor Alan Cumming wears a fashionable ensemble topped with a yellow beret as he sits in a study in an image promoting his new reality competition series 'The Traitors'

The Traitors captivated American audiences as we were led through a game of fancy Among Us with Alan Cumming as our host. The show basically throws a group of people together with three “traitors” and the are trying to figure out who is the traitor among them before they are killed in the night and if they make it to the end of the series without a traitor in their midst, they get to take home the money they earned throughout the show. But if a traitor is there, the money goes to them.

Now that the season has aired, I got to sit down and chat with Andie Vanacore and Reza Farahan about the process of being on the show. And more importantly, what it was like to have emotions running as high as they were in this series (now on Peacock).

One of the more heartbreaking moments in the season came from Vanacore so I asked them how it has been since the series ended. “I think it’s interesting because watching it back is a totally different experience than actually doing it. So just different. It’s definitely hard. It’s hard to see my family watch it and certain things like that for them to see me that upset. But other than that I’m good. I feel like I live a very blessed life and I just feel very lucky to have a newborn now. And yeah, everything’s good.”

You can see the rest of our chat here:

They didn’t know there were celebrities/regular people

One of the fascinating things I learned from both Vanacore and Farahan was that neither side of the game new the other was involved. When Vanacore went, they didn’t know that reality television show stars would be there to compete against them for money. And for Farahan, learning that it wasn’t just a lot of reality show people all playing was what made him okay with being voted off so early.

“I had no idea there were gonna be normies there,” he said. Which is the best way to describe the split in the show from regular people vs. the reality television stars we’ve come to know. “By the way, that was not part of anything I was told going into it. I thought it was gonna be all people from Bravo when I got there and I realized, wait a minute, there’s people off the street that are here. There’s no way I’m gonna win. They were talking about how much people’s shoes cost. One of the very first days we were there, they were talking about like thousand dollars shoes and stuff like that. And I was like, oh, your man is going home. I’m wearing a Dolce & Gabbana pony hair coat. Like this is a wrap. I have no longevity here,” he joked.

You can see the rest of our chat here:


The Traitors is streaming on Peacock now.

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