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INTERVIEW: The Creatives Behind ‘Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl’ Give Us an Insight Into Bringing the Animated Movie to Life

Disney's Encanto starring Stephanie Beatriz.

Encanto came to audiences in 2021 and the movie, which was made during the Pandemic, didn’t have the same kind of experience other animated films get. The cast, which bring to life the Madrigal family, didn’t get to meet each other at the premiere or sing together until the magic of the Hollywood Bowl brought them all together to perform!

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Now that performance is available to watch on Disney+ and the magic of Encanto can be experienced in a new way with Encanto At the Hollywood Bowl. We get to see Stephanie Beatriz dressed like Mirabel and that alone is adorable but the whole cast brought their characters to life in such a fun and exciting way that it was wonderful to see!

Gearing up for the release of the performance on Disney+, I got to speak with some of the cast and creatives behind the live performance about that magic. Talking with Adassa, who brought Dolores to life on stage and in the movie, her love for her character and this story was obvious. But she talked about the magic of getting to do this on stage with her movie family and it’s definitely something to watch the special for (you should watch anyway because who doesn’t love hearing the songs from Encanto?).

“We are now becoming this emblem where all families around the world can see this is a familia,” she said. “It’s not perfect, you know, but it is ours. And now the familia has grown because us together, not just as a cast, as these people who lend their voices, we became a family with the dancers, with all of these incredible musicians. When the background vocalists were singing, I was like, man, that sounds like the record. And it was the same guy and the same girl. And this is incredible. The attention to detail that Disney did so we can really feel it all and now audiences at their homes that weren’t able to be there during those nights in which we gave our heart and soul on that stage get to enjoy it on Disney+ December 28th.”

You can see our full interview here:


Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl is available on Disney+ now!

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