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INTERVIEW: Poppy Liu Chats About The Oddity of Greta on ‘Dead Ringers’

Poppy Liu as Greta in Dead Ringers

In a show like Dead Ringers where there are plenty of odd characters to explore, it’s hard to really stand out. But then there’s Greta. Played perfectly by Poppy Liu, Greta is the always put together housemaid of the Mantle sisters. Beverly and Elliot (both played by Rachel Weisz) are two sister gynecologists with a desire to start their own birthing center. And when their busy work lives get to be too much, they rely on Greta to take care of their shared home.

Greta though is odd in just the right way and I found myself obsessed with her. Where was she when the sisters were out? What was her life leading to? And it was made all that much better by Liu’s performance. I was lucky enough to talk with Liu for the show’s premiere and we talked a lot about Great’s nature within the Mantle’s home and I asked how you approach a character like Greta who is such a mystery to us as the audience.

“I think it’s like the high and low of everything,” Liu said. “It’s like she’s doing creepy stuff, but also has like a fully beat face. Is always wearing some interesting vintage and/or designer thing. Has long ombre nails. It’s like she’s doing freaky stuff, but it’s almost as though she’s handling fine art, you know? But it’s like, what? It’s a tampon, a used tampon, you know? So, I think it’s the high and low of it, but I think in her own head, in my head as Greta, that she’s an enigma. You don’t know what she’s up to until the very end. But because I know what she’s up to at the very end, it makes sense to be like, okay, that’s just my goal.”

You can see our full chat here:

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