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INTERVIEW: Andy Serkis Talks Playing Dark Characters, Genre, and ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’

Andy Serkis reading in Luther: The Fallen Sun

When the show Luther ended, fans wanted more of Idris Elba’s John Luther in their lives and now, roughly 4 years later, we’re getting Luther back in a new movie for Netflix! Following along as Luther is disgraced and thrown into prison, we see as he struggles to stop a new serial killer taking over. Enter one of the most sinister performances from Andy Serkis yet!

Playing David, Serkis brings us that iconic smirk and brings a fear to each of the viewers as he plays with Luther and torments the people of London. But it is just one layer to Serkis as a performer that keeps us coming back to his work. One of the brilliant things about him is that he can play so many different roles and characters with just a flip of a switch.

And whether it is through his CGI work or when we actually get to see Andy Serkis’ face, we’re always captivated by his performance. And getting to interview him for his role in Luther: The Fallen Sun was a dream come true!

Andy’s passion for genre

Talking with Andy Serkis makes it hard to limit yourself because he’s such a dynamic performer. And when you’re looking at him, you just want to ask about his process and everything he’s been in on top of what you’re interviewing him for. Which was my struggle because I just had so many questions about how Serkis, who seems genuinely so lovely to talk to, can play someone like David with ease. But I asked Serkis about the genres he works in and what draws him to something that is sci-fi or fantasy or, in this case, a murder mystery-esque drama.

“I love going ,as you probably can guess, I love going between them all that is the joy being a storyteller or, you know, whether it’s being a director or an actor, it’s all about the stories and the characters,” he said. “It’s all about finding those ones which illuminate something about the human condition. And that might be in Middle Earth, or it might be in a galaxy far, far away. Or it might be in Luther’s London, you know? But it’s something about having the ability to move freely between all of these worlds. That certainly keeps my interest and my desire and my passion alive for it.”

You can see our full interview here:

Luther: The Fallen Sun hits Netflix today and if you love Idris Elba as John Luther, this is a perfect continuation of the show we know and love. Plus murderous Andy Serkis, what’s not to love about that?!

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