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The Internet Is Loving On Taika Waititi After the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer

Taika Waititi and his Oscar

Twitter users have flocked to their keyboards to share their love for director/writer/actor Taika Waititi after the release of the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailer—and rightfully so. The director, who brought us a Thor who was less of a joke and more of a comedian himself, brought new life to the Thor story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it gave us Thor: Ragnarok.

Now, with Thor: Love and Thunder quickly approaching, fans are praising Waititi for his work on Thor as a character and his seemingly effortless ability to make absolutely everything he does homoerotic. As many have stated online, Thor: Love and Thunder is going to break each and every one of us, no matter our sexuality, and you cannot convince me that was not Waititi’s goal all along.

Thor flirts?

The trailer, which does feature Thor kissing a woman we don’t yet know, gives us a ship that absolutely no one wanted prior to this movie: Thor/Star-Lord. Peter Quill and Thor have sized each other up in the past, but there’s something different about the way this trailer is showing their relationship, and it has made for some pretty great Twitter reactions.

It has even given other fans hope for their favorite MCU ships.

I stand by the fact that if Taika Waititi directed Captain America: Civil War, it would have ended with Tony and Steve kissing, but I digress. The trailer also ushered in a … storm of tweets making fun of Chris Pratt.

Taika’s other work

It also gave fans a platform to make some … wild claims about Taika Waititi’s other work. A tweet sent the entire internet into a tizzy trying to figure out when everyone started to turn on Jojo Rabbit, which won Waititi an Academy Award.

The tweet caused quite the stir, with fans defending Jojo Rabbit, praising Waititi, and just generally talking about him in an incredibly positive light.


Taika Waititi is one of those rare creatives that is somewhat universally loved. If you’re not a fan of his work, you probably still love him and the energy he puts out into the world because he’s just a genuinely cool guy.

The good thing about loving Taika Waititi is that you’re never really wanting for his work. He’s constantly putting out movies and television shows that just make audiences feel good or stop and think about the world at large and we love him for it.

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