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Here Are Some of the Good Things to Come out of the Internet This Year

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We know that the internet can be filled with terrible people who want people to feel bad about themselves, but sometimes, the Internet surprises you. This year, it wasn’t all bad out there on the great wide web.

Some people found their friends, some just needed a pick me up, and Twitter was there for it all.

The internet helped this letter find its way home.

What’s great is that it is 45 years later.

Some people just needed a respite from their everyday lives and wanted to spend their time on Twitter looking at pictures of fat raccoons. And Twitter answered their wishes.

Some moments were just as simple as trying to find a lost scarf.

Which was then somehow found not that long after.

Sometimes, it was just a connection about a dope haircut seen from the passenger seat of a Lyft ride.

Which then got that much more interesting because both parties wanted to tweet about the interaction. (I hope they fall in love.)

And we can’t forget about these two friends who found each other through the power of Twitter.

This year was filled with bad things, there is no denying that, but sometimes Twitter pulled through and reminded us all that there is still good out there. Itmight just be fat raccoons and reconnecting with your friends, but there can be joy in the midst of all this darkness.

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