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We Are All Integrated Into HBO Max Now

We are Skynet.

Matt Smith is Skynet

Imagine, if you will, you’re out to dinner with your friend and you suddenly get a random HBO Max email. For many of us, weird emails are just the norm. So you decide to ignore it for the time being, thinking it is spam. But then the internet explodes with questions about when integration begins and when we will have more information.

Well, that’s what happened last night. I was just trying to eat my chicken and suddenly I’m a computer? Okay then. Someone at HBO Max seems to have sent out a test email that was intended for internal use. Sadly, mistakes were made, and this test email was sent to almost every HBO Max user.

So I guess we’re all just part of HBO now? Are we in the Matrix?

HBO Integration Email

HBO Max explained what happened, and to the intern who did this? I’m here for you. Just send me the second integration email with what you need.

Twitter, of course, jumped at the jokes because we are all Skynet now.

I hope that we all are just suddenly a bunch of ones and zeroes and thrown into the digital world and this was just HBO’s way of being sneaky about it. I can’t wait to live in the movie realm of HBO and, by extension, Warner Bros.’ hit movies and programming. Does this mean that I can live in Succession? Will I get up-to-date information about The Last of Us? Am I just in charge of HBO now? Answers that I need and more.

But I must shoutout that intern. I feel you. I’ve been you. I get it. But also thank you for finally making my dreams come true and letting me be the Cyberdyne Systems for SAC-NORAD, because I will fully believe that this integration email is my introduction into Skynet. That or I am Neo. There is no in-between.

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