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Indiana Jones Costumes are Displayed at D23. My Heart!

indiana jones 5 what we know

The news of Indiana Jones 5 delighted me and I am fine in thinking that I am still the only one who is that excited. But the new film brings a new era to Henry Jones Jr. and with the return of Harrison Ford, there’s a lot to get fans ready for the next entry into the franchise. And now that D23 is happening in Anaheim, we’re getting glimpses into the new movie, including new costumes from the film!

Pictures came out from the floor that include Harrison Ford’s iconic Indiana Jones look, the first glimpse we’re getting of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Helena, and what does look shockingly like the Nazi’s look from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Could that be Mads Mikkelsen or Boyd Holbrook’s role since we don’t know much about them yet?

There are still characters we’ve yet to get any information on too like Shaunette Renée Wilson’s character and so there’s a lot we have to learn. And hopefully, during the Lucasfilm panel, we might get a glimpse at the film (or at least character names for those we haven’t met yet).

The excitement of Indiana Jones

There is a joy that comes still from hearing the Indiana Jones theme and being thrust into the world of Indy as he ventures to rescue artifacts and punch Nazis (why we love him). Bringing him further into the modern era is going to be a fascinating departure and while they attempted to reboot the franchise with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this is a new adventure that I am excited to go on.

Whether it is because Lucasfilm and Disney understands the importance of Jones’ legacy or because this cast is one that I love very much for their other projects, but I just feel like this is going to bring back that joy that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull lost for so many. I don’t completely hate the film (granted, I was a teenager when it came out) but it isn’t even close to the love I have for The Last Crusade (my favorite), Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Temple of Doom.

Having a fifth Indiana Jones movie just feels like a gift to me in a way that I can’t explain and these costumes really got me excited in the same way his new theme for Waller-Bridge’s character got me. “Helena’s Theme” was debuted at the Hollywood Bowl and is beautiful in a way that only John Williams has mastered and it shows his love for these movies and his work and also the way it already has an emotional hold on me is a testament to my own feelings about this franchise.

After all this time, it feels right that we’re finally getting more information and looks into Indiana Jones 5 and I hope we get a title for the film soon because I can’t wait to spend my days trying to figure out what is going to come for Indiana and his new crew of friends.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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