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’90s Boy Bands Reunite to Give Us “In the End” From SyFy’s Dead 7!

That sound you hear is the sound of 1998.


dead 7

We told you about the upcoming awesomeness that is Dead 7, a film co-written (!!) by Nick Carter and starring the members of several boy bands of the late 90s/early 2000s as they kill zombies … in a Western. Or something. Anyway, in case there was any doubt as to whether or not there would be new music associated with this (really? Did you not think there would be songs? Or at least a song?), there is totally new music associated with this.

Over at Buzzfeed, SyFy has exclusively shared a track from the film called “In the End.” In it, Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, and Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, and Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town have joined forces to sing about the Western zombie apocalypse with all the sweet 90s pop soulfulness they can muster. It is truly a joy to listen to. But be warned, you will feel like you’ve traveled in time. You have not.

Love the track? You can download it for free HERE. Personally, I’m just so sad that Justin Timberlake couldn’t deign to make an appearance in this flick—unless he has a surprise cameo SNL-style. One can only hope. Dead 7 premieres this FRIDAY, April 1st on SyFy, and will be available on DVD and On Demand on June 6th. I hope you have your drinking games ready!

(image via Syfy)

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