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Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, & More 1990s/2000s Boy Bands Fight Zombies in Syfy’s Dead 7

Say bye, bye, bye to the undead.



WHAT AM I EVEN LOOKING AT RIGHT NOW?! WHAT EVEN IS THIS? There’s a part of me that sees this for the a) cheap marketing ploy b) crap-fest c) obvious pander to the lowest common denominator that it is, and there’s another part of me that thinks this is THE MOST AMAZING THING SHE’S EVER SEEN. It might even be both.

Members of the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, 98 Degrees, and freaking O-Town are joining forces in the upcoming SyFy Original Movie Dead 7, a zombie western in which these guys forgo their musical rivalries and team up to fight the undead. Check out this crazy-ass trailer:

It’s “from the makers of Sharknado.” It was co-written by Nick Carter! I think … I think I might need this in my life.

When SyFy first went the nostalgic pop stars route with Debbie Gibson and Tiffany starring in the epic Mega Python vs Gatoroid, my BFF and I planned out a drinking game before the film knowing nothing about what was coming. It contained things like, “Take a drink whenever they reference their own song lyrics,” and, “Take a drink whenever they make a meta reference to their pop careers …” Once the movie started and we saw that A. Martinez was playing a “Magical Native American” character, we added, “Take a drink for every instance of racism.” We were trashed within the first half hour. It was a good time.

I’m thinking something similar is in order for this one.

This is not an April Fool’s Day joke, despite the fact that this premieres on April 1st (unless of course it is, in which case—well played, SyFy. Well played). So, who’s going to be watching this majesty with me?

I mean … who’s going to be watching? ‘Cause … I mean … I can’t promise I’m gonna be watching. I mean, I might have things to do, you know … so, I might turn this on if I have some time.

*Runs to BevMo to start stocking up on cases of beer.*

(via Collider, image via SyFy)

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