Go On An Emotional Roller Coaster By Listening to the Imperial March in a Major Key

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I had no idea that listening to Star Wars‘ Imperial March set in a major key would elicit so many weird feelings. I must pass on these strange feelings to you. I must!

John Williams’ original foreboding composition painted an aural picture of Darth Vader’s own ominous presence — and I guess I’ve listened to that original song so many times that I’ve got all the notes etched into my brain. They’ve been etched so firmly, in fact, that I felt super-weird every single time a note did something unexpected in this major key re-write. This new version of the tune was made by Ian Gordon, who delights in transforming “sad” songs into “happy” ones.

Gordon titled the song “Vader’s Redemption,” but … eh. It doesn’t even sound like this song has anything to do with Darth Vader, anymore. It’s more like a wishful Storm Trooper who just can’t help but remain positive in spite of the fact that he’s supposed to be all Imperial now. I guess I’m saying … this is Finn’s theme? Okay, now I feel even weirder about it.

MUSIC IS WEIRD. Weirdly powerful, that is!

(via Nerdist)

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