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Imagining the Fantasy Galentine’s Day Guest List We Need Right Now

Who's sitting at your table?

amy parks rec

Via NBC.

It’s February 13th, and that means one thing: Galentine’s Day! What’s Galentine’s Day, you ask? (Well, if you are asking that, I’m going to assume you haven’t watched Parks & Recreation, in which case, get thee to Netflix, immediately.)

This TV-official holiday is a day for “ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like the Lilith Fair, minus the angst, plus frittatas.” So, basically, the perfect day.

One of my favorite games each year on this day is to dream up my ideal Galentine’s brunch crew. Who are the women, alive or dead, real or fictional, who you’d want to gather together on this beautiful day?

Now, even though the world at this moment in time might feel like a perpetual all-consuming chemical fire eating its way through our ultra-flammable souls, that’s no reason to give up that game. But I’m going to guess that for some of you, your perfect Galentine’s crew might look a little different this year.

This year, you may be dreaming about eating pancakes with a table full of women specifically curated to give us a hand and help us through our current dystopian nightmare.

Here’s who would fill my table this year. Share yours in the comments.

Leslie Knope

Obviously. Not only did she create the holiday, but if anyone is going to make you feel loved and supported, while simultaneously coming up with an 80-point plan—distributed in matching binders, of course—for how to get through these next few years, it’s Leslie Knope.

Amy Brookheimer

Veep’s Amy is as driven and brilliant as Leslie Knope, but where Leslie has cheerful optimism, Amy has a vocabulary designed to eviscerate and a total lack of patience for anything less than supreme competence. She’s everything.

Elizabeth Warren

In what world would she not be the guest of honor?

Jessica Williams


Via Comedy Central.

Remember that women in film Sundance luncheon where Williams was trying to engage in a really important and complex conversation about representation, and everyone basically just shut her down with “you just need to believe in yourself more”-type platitudes? Please come sit at our brunch table instead, Jessica. We need you.

Lauren Duca

This is the Teen Vogue writer who told America Trump is gaslighting us, told Fox’s Tucker Carlson he’s a “partisan hack” to his face on air, and continuously reminds the world that women and girls are allowed to care about Ariana Grande’s boots and serious political issues.

So who’s sitting at your table this year?

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