I’m Losing It Over The Mandalorian Finale’s Big Reveal

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We knew that someone was coming for Grogu. He sat his little self on a magic Force rock and reached out to the Jedi of the Star Wars universe on Tython. It’s what Ahsoka told them to do, and it’s why Din Djarin brought him there in the first place. They needed to see if there was anyone out there who would continue Grogu’s training.

To remind us all of what Grogu looked like putting out the all call to the Jedi, here you go:

**Spoilers for the most recent episode of The Mandalorian lie within. Big spoilers. Enter at your own risk.**

But it’s who showed up that honestly makes so much f**king sense that I literally screamed and instantly said “Well, who else?” Let’s get into it a bit, shall we?

When all hope is lost and Din Djarin and his crew of badass ladies (I.E. Fennec Shand, Bo-Katan, Cara Dune, and Koska Reeves) are staring at a door, waiting for a fleet of dark troopers to come in, they suddenly see an X-Wing coming to land on Moff Gideon’s Imperial cruiser.

Not knowing who the person is, they see a Jedi use their lightsaber to destroy every single dark trooper behind them on their way to the cockpit, where Din and his crew are waiting. Opening the door for him, we’re greeted by none other than … LUKE SKYWALKER, and honestly, of course it’s Luke.

Luke Skywalker is a drama queen. That is a fact. And I think there is a certain subset of Star Wars fans who pretend like he’s not. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong, and The Mandalorian just proved it. Ahsoka Tano told Din Djarin that she would not train Grogu because he is too attached and attachments with Jedi never end well.

She knows it better than anyone else, and so the fact that a SKYWALKER came to take Grogu to train him? Truly the most iconic move a Star Wars property can make. Luke Skywalker essentially said, “Oh little Jedi needs help? Come on, buddy. I’m starting a school,” and took him from Din despite the fact that the pair’s deep connection probably isn’t a good thing, if Anakin Skywalker and, eventually, Ben Solo are anything to go by.

Luke Skywalker showing up and saving everyone and taking away Grogu is very much in the way of the Jedi, leaving a parent longing for their Force-sensitive child, and as we’ve seen again and again, it never ends well. The Jedi are too strict in their ways, and the Sith are too power hungry. Balance is key, and we keep learning that the Skywalkers will not bring that balance despite everyone thinking they will.

I don’t think that’s the last we’re going to see of Grogu—especially not with Din Djarin’s deep connection to him, and I feel like Grogu’s Force sensibilities are going to come into play. But I do have to say that I screamed like a little kid when Luke showed up. He’s determined to bring back the Jedi, and it will lead to his downfall, but of course he will take on training Grogu when no one else will.

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