Learn the Ilvermorny School Song in a Deleted Fantastic Beasts Scene

It's got animal noises and disdain for "common wandless men!"

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them brought magic to America, and a few off-handed responses to Ilvermorny and the small rivalry between the American schools and Hogwarts gave nods to a greater wizarding world for future films to explore.

In a deleted scene from the film, Tina and Queeny sing the school’s anthem and it’s got animal noises and disdain for “common wandless men,” and the two sisters harmonize beautifully. Though I don’t know if I like Ilvermorny more than the other schools, this song kicks “Hoggy Warty Hogwarts” in the butt. Seriously, who thought that talking about “scabby knees,” dead flies, and rotting brains was good branding? Dumbledore also told students to sing it however they wanted (with Fred and George belting out a funeral march), which is endearing–but not efficient or pleasing.

The song also contains references to the school’s founding. Morrigan, as we know from J.K. Rowling’s “History of Magic in North America” (which we should not forget has huge flaws), was an Irish witch who descended from both Salazar Slytherin and the famous witch Morrigan (which is were she got her nickname). She left for American on the Mayflower.

So you can sing along:

(Caw-caw, caw-caw!)

We stand as one, united
Against the Puritan.
We draw our inspiration,
From good witch, Morrigan
For she was persecuted,
By common wandless men.
So she fled from distant Ireland,
And so our school began.

Oh-oh! Ilvermorny, Massachusetts
We choo-choose it! We choo-choose it!
The wizard school so prim.

Your castle walls that kept us safe,
Our days with you, a dream!
You taught us all our magic
And now one thing’s quite clear.

Where’er we roam Where’er we roam
Our one true home
Our one and own
Is Ilvermorny, dear!

What do you think about the Ilvermorny tune?

(via Slash Film, Featured Image via Warner Bros.)

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