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IHOP Tries Appealing to the Youths by Comparing Pancakes to Girls’ Bodies

IHOP came under some fire recently for their captions on social media which used objectifying language to describe pancakes (yes, that was a real sentence). I mean, I found it more weird than offensive because I don’t look at my pancakes like that but it doesn’t sit quite right with me phrases used to insult girls are seen as funny and marketable here. It’s a little bit gross, and I feel like using phrases like “butter face” weren’t the best decision so I’m glad they decided to take down those particular posts.

To be fair, it wasn’t only girls’ bodies that were likened to IHOP food (at least, in the ensuing photoshop jokes). 

Many articles pointed out that IHOP’s Twitter in general somehow found its way into the hands of a college frat boy. They’re obviously aiming for a younger demographic which is a bit hit or miss. It’s cool that they’re taking risks with their social media, but they are slowly turning into a parody of themself. Here are some more selections:

Then again, I am writing about IHOP so I guess the joke’s on me? What did you think about the IHOP captions?

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