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If You Aren’t Watching Snapcube Yet, What Are You Even Doing With Your Life?


Snapcube's infamous Eggman rant.

Recently, my favorite internet heroine, Penny Parker, has started a let’s play of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And, as I expected, it’s absolutely hilarious and has me giggling in the middle of my workday. This play-through comes on the heels of her latest playthrough of the Resident Evil 4 remake, which was equally delightful and fun to watch.

But then, I realized that in an age where everyone seems to be streaming themselves playing games and watching others play games they don’t want to play (let alone buy) themselves, some people might not actually know who Penny is. And that’s a crime, especially since it’s because of Penny that we have the infamous Sonic fandubs:

Yes, the person behind the Snapcube dubs is Penny! The channel is a mixture of these improv dubs with her and her friends (including Alfred, who we can thank for his Eggman), and her own streams, both of which are so utterly hilarious and worthy of exploration.

Recently, while sick as a dog with COVID, I ended up watching an absurd amount of Snapcube playthroughs—some that were just Penny and some with her friends, and they all brought me so much joy. Penny’s sense of humor is so delightful, and whenever her friends join her streams, they only get more chaotic (hell yes). This moment in particular had me wheezing through my COVID lungs:

Penny streams fairly frequently on her Twitch channel, but you can also find her cuts (for both playthroughs and dubs) on her YouTube channel. And if you need a good place to start, her most recent video is her playthrough of Tears of the Kingdom, so may as well strike while the iron’s hot!

Stan Penny! Stan Snapcube! “By the way, I’m bisexual!”

(Featured Image: Snapcube/Sega)

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