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Pluto’s Heart-Shaped Formation Might Just Be Cold Lumps of Ice, Just Like My Own Heart

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It’s not often you find yourself in celestial bodies, is it? Apparently according to new research, that adorable heart-shaped formation that the world fell in love with when New Horizons did its flyby might actually just be a giant icy wasteland. What’s more, that icy wasteland might also just be covered in massive, moving “water ice hills,” just like the icebergs that float in the Arctic Ocean–or in my own cold, black, hardened heart.

You should already be aware of the fact that because the dwarf planet is so far from the sun, it’s mostly ice anyway. But the idea that it’s covered in water ice is kind of a thrilling thought, regardless of the fact that there’s likely no life out there. Just like in my own cold, black, hardened heart.

These hills can “form chains that stretch up to 12 miles across,” according to Popular Science. Just like in my own cold, black, hardened hea–okay you get it.

The NASA press release is packed with tons of neat space facts, and you should absolutely give it a look when you get some time. We’re learning so much about this lil dwarf planet on the furthest stretch of our solar system, and frankly, the thought of that is pretty exciting in and of itself.

Space! An airless vacuum just like my own cold, black harde–okay, sorry, I won’t say it again.


(image via NASA)

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