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I Love That Even at 80, They Still Have Harrison Ford Doing This ‘Indiana Jones’ Staple in ‘Dial of Destiny’

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in 'The Dial of Destiny'

A staple of the Indiana Jones franchise is for Indiana Jones to somehow lose his shirt. It’s gotten creative in the past, with Indiana still wearing fragments of the shirt (like the iconic bridge moment in Temple of Doom), but the point stands: Indy must lose his shirt in some way. The first time we met Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, he was shirtless and being taken care of by Marion Ravenwood. He also loved a barely buttoned up shirt moment, which is funny given his professor persona.

It all started a precedent. The whip is one thing and his hat is another but if an Indiana Jones movie doesn’t have Indy losing buttons for no reason at all? I’m walking!

So when a journalist asked Harrison Ford at the Cannes Film Festival about a shirtless scene in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, I was less angry about the spoiler and more excited that the tradition lives on.

Now, part of me wants to find this journalist and tell them to watch Shrinking, where he’s shirtless and having sex, but I think they’ll head there eventually after their flustered question to Ford. It does make me realize though that some people don’t understand that the sex appeal that Harrison Ford had in his 30s and 40s still is there today. Doesn’t matter how old he is, Harrison Ford still has it.

So yes, I was spoiled over shirtless Indiana Jones, but also, I shouldn’t be surprised. Thank you, James Mangold, for getting it.

Harrison Ford is still hot! It’s fine!

From the first time we really saw and recognized Harrison Ford as the Harrison Ford in a movie, he was already in his 30s, because he wasn’t an actor from the start. He did carpentry work and odd jobs prior to full time acting. Most would credit American Graffiti as his first big and recognizable role and that was when he was 31 years old. So every moment you’ve thought to yourself “man, that’s a hot man” has been when Harrison Ford was in his 30s and 40s and up.

Famously, he played Indy mainly in his 40s, and then again when he was 66 years old. So is it really surprising to people that 80-year-old Harrison Ford is also still hot? Carrie Fisher said that he won the genetic lottery, and she was completely right! He did! Because I did not expect to still be in love with him at the age of 31 myself. I guess my attraction to Harrison Ford is weirdly full circle? Can you blame me?

So I get it. I’m also very excited to see shirtless Harrison Ford in Dial of Destiny. Even if my mother constantly asks me to love a man my own age.

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