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I Am Screaming Over ‘Madame Web’ Set Pics of Dakota Johnson and Adam Scott

adam scott as ben wyatt loml

I love Adam Scott. That’s obvious in every aspect of my life. My cat is named after an Adam Scott character. So when it was announced that Scott was joining the upcoming Madame Web movie starring Dakota Johnson, I felt my soul leave my body. One of my all-time faves in a Spider-Man property? What good energy did I put out into the universe to deserve this? Well, my life has just gotten better because Scott was pictured on set with Dakota Johnson in what appears to be EMT outfits and boy oh boy is my heart not ready for this.

The thing is: When I saw this picture, I made a guttural noise that is akin to something an animal makes. I’m not proud of it, but it’s because this is a love that has spanned over 10 years. I went from a wee babe to a 30-year-old woman all with my love of Adam Scott intact. So seeing Adam Scott with a beard on the set of a Spider-Man-adjacent movie? It was a lot to process.

The pictures show Johnson seemingly walking to set in her EMT outfit and another image of Johnson and Scott sitting next to each other and they appear to be wet? So if that means they were in the water or it was raining, who knows? Either way I’m into it.

We don’t really know what this movie is going to be since it does seem to be so completely different from the Madame Web of the comics (which is absolutely fine by me), so this could mean that Scott is a love interest or he could be some other villain or hero that she has to take on. Whatever it is, that’s again fine by me.

Let Adam Scott be in everything

Scott has been rightfully getting praise for his work in the Apple TV+ series Severance and he’s not exactly an unknown actor. He’s been around for quite some time, and with iconic roles like Henry Pollard in Party Down or Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation, he is someone that people recognize. But I hope between Severance and now this Madame Web movie, he’s being considered for bigger roles in movies as a whole. Maybe throw him in a Star Wars property for me (and for Adam Scott)?

So yes, fine, I’ll admit that my guttural scream was because of how hot Adam Scott looks in this picture from Madame Web (but you cannot blame me it’s very obvious how much I love Adam Scott) but also I’m just excited for him! He is one of the best actors out there (in my opinion) and having him in something that is part of the Spider-Man world feels right for the nerdy actor we know Adam Scott to be, but also for me, the number one Spider-Man nerd here at the Mary Sue. If nothing else, I just deserve Adam Scott and Spider-Man together and so I will continue to scream about this movie I know very little about.

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