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French artist Jean-François Rauzier has pioneered a photographic technique called the hyperphoto, which consists of combining “both infinitely big and infinitely small things in one same image, out of time.”

To simulate the illusion of reality, Jean-François Rauzier first had to cope with all the inherent limits inherent of the photographic and technological equipment.

He found his way by juxtaposing, duplicating, twisting images with Photoshop, making it possible for him to reproduce human vision more accurately. This way, he generated a genuine numerical puzzle, in which the pieces, cut out, “drawn again”, come up along on top of the imagination of the artist.

From this technique is issued numerous fascinating and unusual details on which the spectator can dwell on.

These have to be seen to be believed, preferably with lots of zooming in and out: the pic above can be seen here, and the Voyages Extraordinaires and Quotidiens series are worth checking out.

(JF Rauzier via Presurfer, J-Walk)

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