Hugh Jackman’s Joke Response to Ryan Reynolds’ Call for a Wolverine Cameo in Deadpool 2

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Ryan Reynolds knows that Hugh Jackman is going to be retiring his Wolverine role after Logan comes out, but he’s really hoping his best frenemy will put the claws back on just once for another cameo in the Deadpool franchise. However, Reynolds may want to first consider the fact that he’s spent the past year or so mocking his pal Hugh Jackman… and Hugh Jackman has not forgotten about that mockery! Perhaps if Reynolds wanted to ask Jackman for such a big favor, he should’ve been polite.

Let’s look back: remember when Ryan Reynolds crashed one of Hugh Jackman’s interview junkets for the movie Eddie the Eagle, trolling him throughout the process? It’s a pretty hilarious video. Of course, Reynolds then followed that up by including lots of jokes about Wolverine in Deadpool, plus plenty of unkind allusions to the terrible movie in which both men appeared, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s all in good fun, since now both men have had the chance to play Wolverine and Deadpool in much better movies–but obviously Hugh Jackman felt it necessary to respond to all of this ribbing with a joke of his own, particularly since Reynolds is now asking him for such a huge favor.

Jackman uploaded a pretty silly video to his Instagram (embedded above) in which he pretends to be Ryan Reynolds, while wearing a very unconvincing Ryan Reynolds mask. He tells some jokes about Reynolds’ Walk of Fame stars and his People‘s Sexist Man Alive issue–which was a gag that got referenced in Deadpool. Of course, Jackman himself has also been named as one of People‘s Sexiest Men Alive, as he points out in this joke video, thereby establishing the friendly competition between the two.

It’s pretty fun to watch these two goofballs making fun of each other, since it’s clear that they’re both good sports about it, and as far as jokes go, these are pretty harmless ones. I have no idea if Jackman’s obligations for Logan would preclude him from appearing in Deadpool, but this Instagram video is a fun way for Jackman to acknowledge that he realizes Reynolds has been talking about him a lot in the news, without giving him a firm answer one way or the other.

I get the impression that Hugh Jackman is more than ready to move on from playing Wolverine, based on how many times he’s tried to retire the role, not to mention the unpleasant physical toll that it takes for him to stay in mega-muscled, superheroic shape at the age of 48. However, I think if he were going to do it for anybody, it’d be Ryan Reynolds. I mean, these two seem seriously obsessed with each other, right? I mean, I realize it’s just a joke between them, but that chemistry is something that audiences deserve to see on-screen, ideally in a better movie than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Sooooo…. Wolverine/Deadpool? Yes, please. Ryan Reynolds did say he wanted Deadpool to have a boyfriend in the next movie. And we all know Deadpool can’t manage to keep any partner around for long, so it wouldn’t need to be a very long relationship. It could really just be a cameo. … Please? Pretty please?

(via Complex, image via screencap)

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