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How to Remove Filters From Your TikTok Videos


Alright filters, you’ve Tik’d your last Tok.

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Seriously, we’re sick of your shit. Always “applying yourselves” to everything. We don’t want to apply ourselves to anything. Not our jobs. Not our romantic relationships. Not our lives. All we want to do is apply ourselves to our beds and lay around watching Tik Toks all day. And sometimes, we might even make a couple of them. Don’t ask me why. Maybe we wanna feel hot or smart or important. Maybe a trend is just too good to exist. Maybe we want to build an internet monument to our declining mental health. And when we do, we won’t want you “applying yourselves” onto us and trying to make us “look good.” We want the world to SEE our ugliness. We want to let them SEE our eye boogers intermixing with last night’s mascara because we are UGLY and we are PROUD. We don’t NEED to look perfect. In fact, some people on the internet LIKE IT when we look ugly because they think it makes us look APPROACHABLE or DOWN TO EARTH or REAL. We just want to be REAL Tik Tok, is that too much to ask?

How to remove filters on Tik Tok

So here’s how to do it. Open TikTok. Open your profile. Click on your drafts. Pick the video you want to remove the hateful filter from. Tap the “back button” in the top left corner to go back to the editing options. On the bottom left you’ll see the “effects” menu. Click the “undo” button in that menu. This will remove any of those nasty filters from your video. NOW GO BE AN UGLY BITCH AND MAKE THEM LOVE YOU FOR IT.

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