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Want to Go to ‘Saturday Night Live’? Here’s How to Get Tickets

Pedro Pascal hosting SNL

So you want to go to Saturday Night Live, but you don’t want to try the standby line. As someone who just did it to see Pedro Pascal host? I get it. It can be stressful! But the other option to get tickets (unless you know someone who knows someone) is to try the lotto that the show does once a year.

Yes, it’s just once a year. And you’re not sure who you’re going to see if you do get a ticket. It could be a host or musical guest who you don’t like! But you are at least promised a seat that way, unlike any of the standby options. The only problem is that it isn’t easy to get a seat to the hottest ticket in town on Saturday nights at 30 Rock.

To hear “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night” live and in the flesh, you have a bit of work ahead of you. So here is how you can get tickets to the show—that isn’t through the standby process!

How can I attend a SNL show?

There are two ways to go. You can try to snag a standby ticket, line up outside, and then pray you get in. Or you can email [email protected] in August of that year and hope you get a slot. Emailing for tickets is simple: you just put your name, your email address, and why you want to attend the show. And hope that it works.

There are two shows to choose from for each week. You can go to the dress rehearsal (which ends earlier and has more sketches for you to see, but isn’t the live recording) or the live show. So if you want to hear yourself laughing on national television, aim for the live show. But what I do know about the SNL ticket lotto is that you don’t really get a choice in the matter. If you win, you go to whatever show they offer you.

How much do SNL tickets cost?

The thing is, this is always a free adventure! If you do standby or the August lotto, it is free. You just have to dedicate the time and energy to hoping you get the tickets you want. It’s not easy to win the lotto and, even if you did, there’s no guarantee that it would be a show you’d want to go to.

But if you’re just looking to see the show as a whole and want to make sure you have a ticket, this is the best way to do it. And again, it’s free!


So prepare, have everything organized and ready, and pray that you are successful for the Saturday Night Live lotto!

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