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We Can’t Stop Laughing At How It Should Have Ended’s Take on Venom

It's a film perfect for parodying.

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We all love a funny video, and also we’re all somewhat obsessed with the Tom Hardy led superhero film/surprise rom-con Venom. Parody channel How It Should Have Ended has tackled the film for their latest video, and it highlights some of the film’s more gaping plot holes

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The video focuses on how Jenny Slate’s scientist could’ve called the police rather than going to disgraced reporter Eddie, and maybe that would have stopped bad guy Drake sooner. Slate’s character even gets to hang out with Superman and Batman because she’s now the hero, as per How It Should Have Ended tradition. It’s a far better fate than she gets in the actual film. Other How It Should Have Ended mainstays, like the villains hanging out at a bar and the anti-heroes also hanging out at a different bar, are here for your viewing pleasure.

The film does poke fun at Carlton Drake, the supposed mastermind villain who’s not the best at his job. As much as I’m a fan of Riz Ahmed, Drake is not my favorite role of his, and it was refreshing to see several of his more ridiculous moments pointed out. Seriously, did they need to take Eddie into the woods to try and kill him? Was the lab not a viable option?

Yes, the video does bring up the Eddie/Venom subtext by animating the kiss scene; this time Eddie expresses surprise that it’s Ann underneath the symbiote. When she asks who he thought it was, he shrugs and says “Venom?” Ann reacts with disgust, which is a bit out of character given how supportive she is of Eddie and Venom in the actual film. Still, at least the video doesn’t try to pretend that Eddie/Venom was not a thing that happened.

How It Should Have Ended videos try not to be mean spirited, but actually just have fun with the film and ridiculous ways that villains fail and heroes succeed. Venom was a fun, ridiculously campy time at the movies that’s grown on audiences the longer it’s been around, especially due to the popularity of Eddie/Venom as a ship. It’s always fun to make fun of our favorite things, which is why How It Should Have Ended always does so well.

Stay tuned after the credits for one more surprise cameo and a crossover I never thought of or expected to see.

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