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“How It Should Have Ended” Calls out Avengers: Endgame‘s Plot Holes

From the opening scene, wherein Steve Rogers kisses Peggy Carter in the past and then babbles out an apology for making out with her niece in the future, I knew that How It Should Have Ended would do Avengers: Endgame right. Where it really shines is poking at how much of the movie doesn’t hold together upon further reflection.

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We are in for a treat, as evidenced by the slow scroll of a funny pre-movie montage before even getting into the meat of this thing. HiSHE’s take on Endgame delivers some withering blows to the movie’s soft underbelly by (gently!) mocking the sheer amount of plot holes and inconsistencies at hand.

And sometimes it’s just plain good fun:

“You have kids,” says Natasha as she and Clint roll around—er, battle it out—on Vormir for the privilege of jumping to their death.

“You’re way more attractive,” says Clint, who has a point.

“I never get to do anything important,” counters Natasha, and, ouch. Thankfully, Red Skull has an idea.

Curious what those gravestones for the Avengers read after Thanos “kills” them? Sure you are.

How It Should Have Ended Avengers Endgame

“Robin Hood But Goth” wins this round.

They also zoom in here on one aspect of Endgame that still bothers me: how Thanos, who is powerful but at the beginning of the final battle lacks the gauntlet or any Infinity Stones, is somehow able to withstand the combined attacks of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. HiSHE shows us how easy it should’ve been for the MCU’s trinity to take him down. (Or Wong, for that matter, as we soon see. Honestly, I would have bought another ticket and gone again if Wong saved the day.)

Once they’re done riffing on random scenes, they get into how the movie should have really ended—with the Avengers and friends popping out from underneath an enormous pile of cash to question the mile-wide inconsistencies and chanting, when needed, “That’s not how time travel works!”

At least they know where our true priorities lie.

Now that we have some healthy distance from the mess of tangled plotlines and emotions that was Avengers: Endgame, how do you think it should have ended? What was your dream Endgame scenario?

(via How It Should Have Ended, images: screengrabs)

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