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Twitter Was Not A Fan of How I Met Your Mother’s “Shyamalan Ending” [Spoilers]

The mother was Bruce Willis the whole time!



So… last night happened. The final episode of How I Wound up With the Canadian finally aired, and here are my favorites of twitter’s theories about the show’s twists. Ted sees dead people, the series’ title was a cryptic clue all along, and a possible movie is in the works? That last one is April Fools, y’all, but nothing would surprise me after Robingate.

Our friends over at The Mary Sue did a great recap of last night’s episode. But, a fake Betty White twitter account also summed it up with eerie accuracy:

#Bad? Strong words for someone pretending to be on Hot In Cleveland, but I’m betrayed enough to agree.



Last night was shocking, but are you Red Wedding-level traumatized? If so, I suggest maybe going to the mall or eating some pancakes. No one died. OH WAIT.

Oh my god…Mosby is totally part of the Illuminati. We need to National Treasure this shit ASAP.

(image via How I Met Your Mother)

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