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How did Poe Dameron Escape the TIE Fighter Crash on Jakku? LEGO Star Wars Reveals the Answer, At Last

No one knows how Poe Dameron managed to escape the blast from the TIE Fighter crash on Jakku at the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At long last, that question will be answered… in a very unexpected place: the latest DLC for the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game.

Some may recall that Poe Dameron wasn’t originally intended to make it off of the planet Jakku at all. Earlier drafts of The Force Awakens had Poe dying in that scene, just as Finn thinks that he did in the movie. In that version, Poe was never meant to make his unexpected return later on in the movie. With that in mind, it makes sense that the movie doesn’t spend much time explaining how Poe escaped–plus, most of the story revolves around Rey and Finn’s adventures, so cutting back to Poe would’ve been complicated to finagle. That, and it would have given away Poe’s surprise return if the movie had showed us what he was up to in the interim.

That’s where this DLC comes in, to fill in the gaps! Titled Poe’s Quest For Survival, the story obviously revolves around Poe Dameron, but there are a bunch of other new playable characters popping up in the level, too. THR reports that Naka Iit, Ohn Gos, a Strus Clan Leader, and a Strus Clan Raider will be playable, in addition to Poe of course. The Strus Clan is group of thieves based on Jakku, so it makes sense that Poe and his new pals would be running into them. Sounds like the new level will also include some opportunities to try out the Strus Clan vehicles.

If you haven’t already gotten LEGO Star Wars, you can buy the “Season Pass” right now, and it’ll include the whole game as well as this new Poe-centric level. It looks pretty action-packed, if the trailer up top is any indication about what’s to come–and the added canonical info is just an added bonus.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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