A Hot Tub Hanging From a 600 Foot High Bridge

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Extreme ironing and extreme lying down is so mild nowadays, one must do what it takes to seek out any sort of rush, like go for a dip in a hot tub hanging from a 600-foot-high bridge. Recently, a group of rogue hot tubbers suspended a custom-tailored hot tub from the Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland as part of an official association of people who take dips in hot tubs hanging from terrifying places.

In 2001, two Swiss brothers rigged a custom-made a hot tub using a tarp, pallets, a homemade water heater, and some rope, and hung it off the side of a mountain. After eventually perfecting the design to make it less of a relaxing, bubbly deathtrap, they formed the aforementioned association with the goal of going for a hot tub dip in areas that have never had the privilege of people casually relaxing in a heated water.

The team seems to build the hot tub while it is being suspended, rather than suspend a completed tub.

And here is everyone enjoying their terrifying, relaxing hobby.

(There, I Fixed It via Laughing Squid)

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