Ryan Gosling to Yell At Walk on the Moon in New Neil Armstrong Biopic

"Hey girl. It's one giant leap for humanity."
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That’s right, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin yell at the moon. It is their right, as astronauts. They once walked on its face.

According to Deadline, Ryan Gosling is being “courted” to star in the Astronaut Mike Dexter Neil Armstrong biopic “First Man.” The film is set to be directed by Whiplash‘s Damien Chazelle, which makes me considerably less excited (Whiplash is a fine film, I guess, but it’s also not a movie that knows women exist), but may account for Gosling’s interest; the two just wrapped the film La La Land, and reportedly have a good working relationship.

In an interview with Collider last fall, Chazelle explained that the film won’t skimp on ACTUAL MOON:

I sort of hesitate to call it a biopic. It’s a mission movie. It’s purely about the landing… It will cover about six years. It’ll start with him joining NASA and will end in ’69 with the landing. So it’s purely a process movie, it’s a movie about building up to that achievement.

That sounds pretty awesome to me, actually. Although I’m honestly more interested in how the movie will depict the Moon landing itself, I’m also curious how much (if at all) it will touch on Armstrong’s personal life, particularly the death of his 3-year-old daughter in 1962.

All in all, this should be an interesting movie to tide us over until we get the Sally Ride biopic we deserve. What do you think, gang?

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