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Pennyworth Teaser Shows Us a Hot Young Alfred Pennyworth

All hail hot Alfred

DC’s best father-figure is getting his own prequel series in Pennyworth, which will tell the story of former British SAS soldier Alfred Pennyworth. Pennyworth creates a security company and goes to work with Bruce Wayne’s billionaire father, Thomas, in 1960s London. Well, we know the fashion and music are going to be amazing then.

Jack Bannon is staring as Alfred Pennyworth, with Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne, Emma Paetz as Martha Kane (future Wayne), and Paloma Faith as Bet Sykes. Right now there is very little information out about the series and honestly, that’s for the best. The Batman verse is one of the most well-explored in the DC Universe so the less we know, the better for any expectations.

I am excited that the main villain is a woman, Bet Sykes. According to CBR, the character of Sykes is “a sadistic and sharp-tongued villain” so yay as long as she doesn’t have any gross sexual-abuse trope backstory, I’m 100% here for some evil ladies. There might be some sexual tension between the two—which you know, I’ll read the fic.

Fans’ general reaction is that Pennyworth looks cool and could be interesting, but also may be a bit unnecessary—especially since Gotham still doesn’t even end until April.  But Alfred is hot so that’s something?

At this point, it seems unrealistic to complain about too much Batman stuff. There will always be too much Batman because he’s such a popular character and his world is easily adaptable into something for the small screen. Hopefully, taking it so far before Bruce is even conceived will allow the show to be a fun costumed spy thriller, without needing to constantly throw Easter Eggs at the screen.

What do you guys think of the teaser trailer? Which cameos do you think might show up? Ra’s al Ghul’s immortality makes him an easy fit for pretty much any timeline in the Bat-verse and might actually be a good foil for Alfred if we go the spy vs. assassins route.

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