A Woman Rode A Horse To The DMV After They Suspended Her License

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

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Hold onto your hats: something exciting actually happened at the DMV. Folks waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Richmond got a bit of a change of pace when Ashlee Owens showed up on horseback, her dog at her side.

Apparently, the DMV had suspended Owens’ license because they claimed they had not received proof of her car insurance. Owens disagreed and attempted to correct the error but kept running into bureaucratic red tape at every turn. She told NBC12:

“I’ve been trying for the past three days to get through to DMV. And between the answering service telling me it’s too long of a wait and hanging up on me… and trying to talk to someone to get this straight, I don’t feel like I should be in this predicament at all.”

We’ve all been annoyed at the DMV at some point or another. The long lines, the endless paperwork, the tied-up phone lines – it’s enough to make anyone frustrated. Owens, however, decided to take matters into her own hands and do something about it. She had a friend hook up a horse trailer and drive her, her dog, and her horse to Richmond, and then the motley trio rode right up to the doors of the DMV. The display certainly got Owens noticed, but did the strategy work? Yeah, it actually did:

“I went in. The lady that’s the head of DMV came and found me and she asked me if I was the lady with the horse outside and said ‘well come over here’. Took me to the side and she took all my paperwork upstairs and handled it immediately and sent me on my way.”

Turns out the key to sorting through paper-shuffling snafus is just to show up on a horse. This is how I’m going to solve my problems from now on. Student loans? Show up on a horse. Job interview? Horse. Getting a mortgage? Looks like it’s time to go get my horse. Even if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll look like a badass elf-maiden riding into battle, which is not a bad way to approach life.

Ashlee Owens wins for creative solutions to complex problems and for riding a freaking horse to the DMV. She has a story to tell for life now, and anybody looking to top it is going to have to find a camel to ride to the justice of the peace. Actually, that sounds awesome. Somebody do that, please.

(via: Neatorama)

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