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Honest Trailers’ Take on The Social Network Deserves a Million Likes

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A million likes isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion likes.

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Honest Trailers takes on The Social Network, that one movie that the world couldn’t seem to get enough of, just like the social network that lies at the heart of the movie: Facebook. Interestingly enough, Honest Trailers seems to take it fairly easy on the movie, mostly dishing out jokes about Jesse Eisenberg playing Jesse Eisenberg in seriously every movie in which he’s starred.

So I mean, I’ll say it’s not the funniest Honest Trailer out there, but it’s one that certainly feels really overdue. When the film came out, it made a lot of waves as a really interesting cinematic look at the creation of a global phenomenon. Like the Honest Trailer says, it was a film that was able to take something like court proceedings and lawsuits and make them seem excitingly dramatic. Hell, I still think about that internship application scene that had all those students coding next to each other while playing a drinking game. Like, of course tech interviews should be like hazing. Why not?

The debut of this Honest Trailer is especially topical because The Circle, based on the Dave Eggers novel, premieres today. That film doesn’t seem to be faring too well on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb, so… the less said about that, the better, I suppose. But anyway, I digress.

Director David Fincher took something that could have been wildly boring (the birth of a social networking website) and made it into a drama that still stands the test of time—even if more than a few bits are, shall we say… embellished. Oh, and you better believe they didn’t let Fincher’s iconic film style go by unnoticed. This thing reeks of Fight Club-esque visuals, and they totally nail it in their alternate title for the movie.

Anyway, this is making me want to watch the movie again. So good on you, Honest Trailers.

(via Boing Boing, image: Columbia Pictures)

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