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The House From Home Alone Is For Sale

Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

The house from Home Alone, where the most hilarious case of child neglect and aggravated assault ever depicted on film took place, is up for sale for the reasonable price of $2.4 million. According to the Chicago Tribune, the red brick Georgian house in Winnetka, Illinois was bought by John and Cynthia Abendshien in late 1988 for $875,000. The price tage is not only related to the cinematic history of the house, but also because it’s a “residential masterpiece.”

The site Hooked on Houses has a look inside the house, which was used for exterior shots and some interior shots. While most of the interior shooting took place on sets, the house’s rooms were replicated as closely as possible.

Here is Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) in his parents’ bedroom:

And here is that bedroom as it appears today:

Here is the kitchen (“I made my family disappear!”):

And the same kitchen today. Set designers said they decorated much of the house in red and green to give the home (which can really be considered another main character of the movie) a Christmasy feel.

And the staircase where Kevin sailed down and out the front door:

And as it appears in the house now, taken by someone named Eric, who has even more side-by-side shots of the house:

If you are considering buying this house, they are taking appointments from pre-qualified buyers only. If not, we urge all homeowners to invest in a good electronic anti-burglar system and be nice to those considerate people who salt the sidewalks.

(Chicago Tribune)

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