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We’re Very Sorry If You Look Like Hitler, But That Might Be Able to Land You an Acting Job

The mini-series is also casting for Churchill and Roosevelt, but their facial hair isn't a weird hipster trend right now.



Calling all boys from Brazil: Get ready to see your name up in lights, because a new mini-series about World War II has issued a casting call for the part your were born to play. That’s right — the makers of a six-hour docudrama are casting (non-union, they are sure to mention) actors for the parts of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Adolf Hitler. Because you just can’t stage WWII without a serviceable Hitler. Everyone knows that.

What’s that? You look a lot like Hitler, but have no acting experience, because every time you land an audition you’re met with the phrase “You look way too much like Hitler for this production” No problem — really, all you need to do is resemble one of these men, not have any acting experience, and maybe be able to do a nation-appropriate accent. You can also be any particular age, as the series will be exploring the period from WWI through the end of WWII, meaning that likely several people will be cast unless someone is easily able to transform their apparent age.

All this means there will soon be a group of Hitler, Churchill, and Roosevelt impersonators hanging out together for a couple of weeks. They’ll run the gamut of age, nationality, and likely be completely terrible actors. I personally am hoping for some really excellent behind-the-scenes photos, like that picture of Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Bellatrix, and Voldemort all being friends.

So here’s hoping the chance to make a couple thousand dollars and a week-long trip to Germany are adequate consolation prizes for being constantly mistaken for one of the most evil men in history. If you do look like one of these guys and want to try your hand, you can apply here. We wish you the best of luck with both your audition and the whole “looking like Hitler” thing, because seriously, that cannot be easy.

(Craigslist via OrangeNews, image via Wikimedia)

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