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One of the Wildest Animated Series To Come Out of Marvel Is Returning!

One of the wildest animated series to come out of Marvel is returning. That’s right! Hit-Monkey season 2 is coming! The deadliest monkey on the planet is coming back for more, and this time, he’s taking his skills to New York. So what’s in store for our furry assassin and when will he return?

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Hit-Monkey is by far one of the weirder Marvel creations to make its way to the screen, and this is coming from the studio that gave us the Flerken, Howard the Duck, and Rocket the Raccoon. Rather than being a genetically modified raccoon, Hit-Monkey is simply a Japanese macaque monkey on a revenge spree, wishing to rid the world of assassins, all while having the ghostly presence of an assassin follow him around … weird, right?

The character first debuted in Marvel’s comics in 2010, appearing in Hit-Monkey #1. He has since appeared in other comics, notably in Deadpool #19–21, where he took on the Merc with a Mouth himself. Marvel announced that the monkey would be getting his very own adult animated series in 2019, with the first season premiering on November 17, 2021. The first season went down so well (compared to many of Marvel’s other recent works) that a second season was announced in February 2023. Well, now it’s just around the corner as the new season will crash-land on Hulu on July 15.

What’s in the season 2?

The season 2 trailer reveals that audiences are in for yet another wild ride as, having fled Japan, Hit-Monkey and Bryce are now in New York. Hit-Monkey has a brand new demographic of assassins to kill, but they may find they have bigger fish to fry. As well as bringing back some of the regular characters of the last season, such as Akiko Yokohama and Haruka, we have plenty of new characters to meet, such as Bryce’s agent Eunice Jones, Bryce’s estranged daughter Iris, as well as—wait, are we finally getting Mephisto!?

The main voice cast of season one will return, with Jason Sudeikis and Fred Tatasciore back as Bryce and Hit-Monkey respectively. Olivia Munn and Ally Maki will return as Akiko Yokohama and Haruka, and SNL’s Leslie Jones will join as Eunice while Cristin Milioti will take on the role of Iris. In supporting roles are Jim Gaffigan as crime scene cleaner Buddy, Rob Corddry as a time-bending hustler, and Keith David lending his voice to the Devil.

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