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#HimToo Is the Best Internet Meme in a Long Time

Memes are a never-ending game that no one will win but the new #HimToo trend is hilarious

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Why does an Internet Meme take over? No one really knows. Suddenly someone catches a funny thing, we all go on tangents, and then there are mass Twitter threads dedicated to whatever the meme has become. The latest meme that took over the Internet is #HimToo, and it shifted into something wholesome—a rare thing in memeland.

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When a mother said that her son is afraid to go on dates because of what women will lie about, the internet couldn’t just let that go, but the story has a happy ending.

This entire thing started because of this since-deleted tweet.

The result was everyone has picked their own “sons” and and doled out the snark.

Buster got all these awards in the Army. That’s why we vote #HimToo.

He MAY have murdered his own mother but still, I vote for him.

Steve Rogers needs our votes.

Hipster Hulk needs our love just as much as anyone else.

We must support them all, even if our sons live down in a van down by the river.

He’s damaged. He needs our votes.

Peter Parker is the best of boys.

Since the meme started, the Hanson brothers have spoken out about their mother’s Tweet.

After that, Pieter Hanson—the featured sailor himself—took to the Internet in a newly-created Twitter account to tell us all that he #BelievesWomen. He explained that his mother was well-meaning, but Pieter does not actively support anything to do with #HimToo. “Let’s turn this around,” Pieter Tweeted, identifying himself as an ally, and, delightfully, a “cat dad.” (He has since shared several pictures of said cats.)

This is a wholesome meme that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, so get your #HimToo tweets out there.

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