Hey, The Site is all New and Stuff. Let’s Talk (Tech).

Deploy the gear! Establish a perimeter!

Hey guys, some of you may know who I am and some may not. I’m the lead developer here at Abrams Media. Right now I’m going to be the go between for you guys and the team back home.

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A lot has changed. We’ve got a bunch of new features on the back end. Some are working flawlessly, some things people have managed to use in such a way that I never thought possible and they’re now actively on fire. That’ll be a lot of today, putting out fires.


Before we dive deep into the negatives, let’s think about the positives. The Mary Sue is fully responsive now so it’ll look great on your tablet and phone. There’s a significantly improved image gallery viewer. Each slide has it’s own permalink you can share, as well as a button to view the source image, and a thumbnail gallery.

So, on to those negatives, shall we? We’re aware that there are a number of issues for you guys. Who wants a list? Here’s a list.

  • Geekosystem’s galleries are missing
  • Comments from Geekosystem are missing
  • No way to find podcasts (but they’re there, go here)
  • The search box is junky looking
  • The mobile/tablet sidebars aren’t the best
  • The ads about plus size swimwear, depression, and wrinkle cream
  • Not all related galleries have thumbnails
  • All on one page galleries aren’t 100%
  • Super old Geekosystem Power Grids are still missing
  • You probably got a Geekosystem and Mary Sue newsletter, maybe even two Mary Sue newsletters

All this stuff is on my active todo list and will be coming asap.

The problem is with things we’re not aware of. That’s where you all come in. Please use the comments below to let us know about things that are missing, broken, or are otherwise not to your liking.

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Justin Ouellette
A former part of the development team, Justin Ouellette enjoyed long walks on the beach and properly formatted SQL queries. When he wasn't fixing something broken on the sites he was adding something that has probably since broken. You can thank him for this sweet biography feature even. In his spare time he enjoys his collection of arcade games or working on his Fiero. Follow him on Twitter!