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Here’s the Drinking Game That Will Get You Through ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

Jake Sully teaches his child how to use a bow and arrow in 'Avatar: The Way of Water'

So you’re going to see Avatar: The Way of Water and you’re wondering to yourself how you’re going to make it through 3+ hours of this movie without getting bored. Well, here’s one of two things: It’s pretty, so you’ll at least always have something to look at, and I’ve also made a drinking game for this exact reason. I saw the movie a couple of times when it came out, both for work and once with my friends, and while I do not need to go back again to see the movie, the last time, I needed to have a little bit of fun with it.

It started at dinner before, when I thought to myself I’d get a glass of wine then maybe something at the theater. Learning that the AMC MacGuffins bar had Twisted Tea is what secured my plans: I was going to drink every single time someone in this movie said “bro,” and let me tell you, I almost didn’t have enough Twisted Tea and I got two of them.

Your next question might be “Rachel, there is no way this movie has characters saying ‘bro’ enough for this to work, right?” And on the contrary, my young ones. The movie says “bro” so often that if you were doing anything stronger than Twisted Tea or a cocktail, you would end up completely wasted by the end, maybe needing help out of the theater.

It’s that aggressive. But it is a lot of fun.

Bro, just have a drink, bro

Again, you’d think that a movie like Avatar: The Way of Water would not have characters saying “bro” over and over again, but it does. The Sully boys—alien children of the first movie’s human protagonist, Jake Sully, in case you remember nothing about this franchise—say it frequently, and it has to be from Jake’s own use of it, because no one else in the movie uses it other than them and another human character, Spider.

There are some scenes where it is used so frequently that you should just keep drinking because you’re going to have to take like four drinks at minimum, but it is a way to pass the time. As I said, the movie is beautiful—never a moment where you’re not amazed by the technology used to create Pandora—but it also has just slightly more of a plot than the first Avatar movie, and we all know how there wasn’t a plot at all there.

The fun about this game is that you can play it at the movie theater or if you choose to not give the movie money in theaters, you can still play along. Just know that with my two bottles of Twisted Tea, I almost didn’t make it through the movie without needing to go get another drink, so … prepare accordingly and know that there is going to be a lot of “bros” flying around during this movie, to the point that you eventually just think that “bro” is the only word these boys know to call each other. Well, that and “cuz,” because I guess they’re from the Pittsburgh area like my brothers?

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