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Henry Cavill Posted a Memorial Tribute to His Mustache


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Ever since Justice League came out, Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible: Fallout mustache has lived in infamy as the cause of some wonky CGI. Cavill was contractually obligated to grow the mustache for his Mission: Impossible role, but Justice League production lasted far longer than expected due to the extensive reshoots. Paramount refused to let him shave the ‘stache to accommodate a clean-shaven Superman for Justice League, and so it had to be removed digitally.

The effects generally looked fine in the movie, but there were some notably atrocious exceptions:

Cavill, however, has been having a lot of fun with his now-infamous mustache. He’s decked out his Instagram photos with tags like #FrostStache or #KingStache, and he even posted a letter from his mustache to his followers on the day of the Mission Impossible Fallout trailer: “Henry is now actually in bed, it is a school night after all. Being his moustache however, I require no sleep (or food). So I have taken it upon myself to address you, my lovers and my haters to announce this exciting event! The first trailer is here, my glorious debut! Bathe in my bristly glow! Marvel at my contours and yes, be allured you who are facially able, for our time has come. From the pages of history we shall charge forth and rule the world once more and I shall be your king!”

And so, given his obvious affectation for the mustache, it makes sense that Cavill posted a “Shaved But Not Forgotten” video to remember it. “Don’t be alarmed,” he tells his followers. “It’s me, Henry Cavill … I know, it’s hard to recognize me without Kingstache. Sometimes, I even have trouble recognizing myself.”

“It’s hard for me to admit, but this is not CGI. He’s really gone. I can tell you this, though: I will remember him, always.”

Thanks to the Justice League CGI, so will we all.

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