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Hello Kitty Melon Solves The Problem Of Your Fruit Not Being Adorable Enough

HK Melon

Do you enjoy a good slice of melon with your breakfast, but can’t stop wishing it was branded with the face of the world’s most adored cartoon cat? Well, the weirdest problem in your life has just been solved, as a Japanese food company has just released a very special Furano melon with the visage of Hello Kitty etched into it, and it will only run you $50.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, why on Earth would human beings, who are capable of creating amazing things, dedicate time, effort, and resources to the crafting of a melon that can stare at you from the breakfast table with the cold, dead gaze of everyone’s favorite Sanrio mascot? That’s a fair question, but it has a clear answer — there’s a buck to be made.

You’ll have to act fast if you want to lay your hands on one of the world’s cutest melons, made by gourmet food shop Belluna. Only 300 of them will be sold online, and they’re going for 4980 yen, or just shy of $49. But hey, shipping is free, so that’s something, right? If a Hello Kitty melon is something you have to have in your life, cost be damned, you can order one right here.

(via RocketNews)

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