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So, What’s Up With This Hella Dark Cars 3 Teaser?


It’s a joke often heard about the current state of movies in Hollywood: everything is dark and grim and moody, and nothing can escape the existential black hole that’s gnawing away at our creativity. Okay, maybe that last part is just me or whatever, but this Cars 3 trailer makes a strong case that maybe I’m not alone in feeling like I’m circling the drain… creatively speaking, of course.

Yes, I know, it’s short, and it’s a teaser for a trailer (which is itself a teaser, just a really long one). But honestly, if a teaser is supposed to be eye-catching and provocative, you better believe that this one’s doing its job with real aplomb.

The visual style alone is striking, as much of the bright, saturated, colorful, toy-friendly designs are gone, replaced by a… well, still toy-friendly design that’s decidedly a little more dirtier. It’s a somewhat thrilling teaser, to be sure, one that honestly makes it seem like the movie we’re about to get may be way more heavier than we bargained for.

Though, honestly, isn’t that the hallmark of every Pixar movie?

When it comes to this teaser, it seems like Pixar’s tipping their quintessential “this is the tragic moment of the movie” card a little early, showing glimpses of Lightning McQueen spinning and crashing during a race. The words “From this moment everything will change” fade in on screen, and we’re all left to wonder what the hell just happened.

I guess we’ll find out what just happened when the movie comes racing home next June.

(via Vulture)

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